Contact Information

Address: Computers & Software Engineering Department "Politehnica" University of Timisoara V. Parvan 2, Timisoara, 1900, Romania
Office: ASPC Building, Office no 08
Phone: +40 256 40 40 61
Fax: +40 256 40 32 14
E-mail: chirila{at}cs.upt.ro
Web Page: http://www.cs.upt.ro/~chirila

Teaching (Main Keywords)

-> Using and Programming Computers [1MPT-UPC]
-> Data Structures and Algorithms [2CTI-SDA]
-> Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis [2CTI-PAA]
-> Formal Languages and Compiling Techniques [4CTI-LFTC]
-> Compiler Design [1MSE-CD]
-> Heuristic Methods [1MSE-HM]

-> Fundamental Concepts of Programing Languages [2CTIEN-FCPL]

-> Data Structures and Algorithms Syncretic Project [2Info-PS-SDA]
-> Translator Design [3Info-PT]
-> Advanced Compiling Techniques [1MTI-TAC]

-> Data Structures and Algorithms [1ID-SDA]
-> Algorithm Analysis [2ID-AA]

-> Data Structures and Algorithms [2SL-SDA]
-> Algorithm Design and Analysis [3SL-PAA]
-> Programming Languages Fundamental Concepts [3SL-CFLP]
-> Formal Languages and Translators [4SL-LFT]
-> Operating Systems 1 [3SL-SO1]
-> Operating Systems 2 [4SL-SO2]

-> http://www.islavici.ro/chirila

-> Silver Code Project Coding for the Elderly

SILVER CODE aims at improving the quality of life of old people in our digital world through developing knowledge and skills for fully taking an advantage of digital technology.
Proiectul SILVER CODE vizează îmbunătățirea calității vieții persoanelor în vârstă din lumea noastră digital prin dezvoltarea cunoștințelor și abilităților necesare pentru a profita pe deplin de tehnologia digitală.

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