Software Engineering Trainings

Design Patterns, OOP, UML, C++, MFC, Java, Java EE, Android, etc.

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Active in Software Consulting

Project Management, SCRUM, Agile Methodologies, etc.

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Activities in Software/Web Development

Software developed in Java, Java EE, C++, MFC, GWT, Android, etc.

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Publications. Available on web.

  • Automatic Synthesis for Quantum Circuits using Genetic Algorithms. Proceedings ICANNGA’07 “Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms”, LNCS 4431 (Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg), Warsaw, Poland, April 2007, ISBN 978-3-540-71589-4, pp. 174–183
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  • Software Architecture for Quantum Circuit Synthesis.ICAISC “Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing”, Zakopane, Poland, June 2008, published in: Computational Intelligence: Methods and Applications, ISBN 978-83-60434-50-5, pp. 562-573
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  • Adaptive vs. Self-Adaptive Parameters for Evolving Quantum Circuits, ICES2010 "International Conference on Evolvable Systems", Springer, LNCS, September 6-8, York, UK, ISSN 0302-9743, pp. 348-359


Trainings. See for yourself.

Training is essential to the achievements of a business. Training is more than just building the skills and knowledge of each individual of your team. A comprehensive training programme benefits not only the firm, but also members of staff and its customers.

I provide intensive training to fresh graduates as well for working programmers in Object Oriented Programming by applying different technologies as C++ or Java.

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Projects. Free available for you.

Scrum - Wizard Capacity Tool Download »
Scrum - Burndown Line Download »
Scrum - WhiteBoard Daily Download »
Quantum Circuit Synthesis Download »
ProGA Framework Download »
A "Hello" GA Download »
Knapsack Problem Download »
QSin Download »
Advanced Processing Medium for Pictures Download »
Image Filters Download »



You can find me in the beautiful city Timisoara located in the West site of Romania. If you plan to visit me, please send an email in advance to plan our time. Politehnica Timisoara is located in the city centre and just asking about is sufficient to find the way.

Email address:

Tel: +4 0745 255955

Postal address: University Politehnica Timisoara, 2 V.Parvan Bldv, Room B520, 300223, Timisoara, Romania

Dr.Eng.Cristian Ruican