Contact information

You can always contact me by e-mail at dan -dot- cosma -at - cs -dot - upt - dot - ro (the address is obviously given in the "robot-unfriendly format"; if it confuses you, just replace the sequences like "-dot-" with a dot, and "-at-" with a "@")

At the University, my office is in room B622 (building B, floor 6); office telephone number: +40 256 403268. Important: Please avoid using this number. You can rarely reach me at this number, as I am usually in classes or working in the research lab. The e-mail is the preferred way to contact me, I always read it and usually respond in a timely manner.

Please don't contact me at home for University-related issues, even if you know my fixed/mobile phone number. All requests for unjustified changes of student marks, as well as any other types of requests against the University regulations will continue to be automatically redirected to /dev/null (which is a device that doesn't know or want to answer).

Update, June 2012: I won't respond to weird e-mails either, regardless of the claimed identity of the sender. This applies to old friends and old friend impersonators, too ;-)