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The reason - December 5, 2010

Yesterday I entered a supermarket. This story actually made me create a blog. Why? Because three weeks before Winter Holidays they decided it's time to rearrange the store! And they move everything from the well-know places to different ones. And... it took me around one hour to buy everything, and there were not no many things I bought. I wonder how crowded this supermarket will be these days...And I wanted to share this with you, just to have fun. Beautiful Romania!

Gossips... - December 5, 2010

Thursday I was in a very good mood and I thought it's time for a little gossip with one of the people I'm working with. Later I realized this was not so good. Why? As seen in Romans 14:19 - So then we pursue the things which make for peace and the building up of one another - gossips cannont be part of our life!