Marius MARCU - Research activity


11 projects in total:

  • 1 International R&D Grant
  • 5 National R&D Grants
  • 5 National R&D Contracts
  • 4 Project Director

International R&D Grants - FP7

  1. Cretu Vladimir, Ciocarlie Horia, Tudor Dacian, Marcu Marius, Micea Mihai, Macariu Georgiana, Jebelean Calin, eMuCo "Embedded Multi-Core Processing for Mobile Communications",Contract No.: 216378/1 Feb 2008,2008-2010,184000,STREP R&D Grant, EU 7th Framework Programme,Ruhr Universitaet Bochum, Germany (Co-ordinator); Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania (UPT); GWT-TUD GmbH, Germany; University of York, United Kingdom; Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany; Telelogic AB, Sweden; Infineon Technologies AG, Germany; ARM Limited, United Kingdom
    Abstract: ICT-eMuCo addresses the platform architecture of future mobile devices. This comprises the relevant controller elements as well as the operating system and application layers. It is expected that the computational performance needed by these devices will grow exponentially due to the growing number of features implemented and the advances in the wireless communication standards. The fast growing number of applications and the resulting diversification requires a co-existence of open and protected environments. It is therefore proposed to choose a multi-core architecture to get the best ratio of performance and power consumption while maintaining a high flexibility and scalability in the system through variations in number of cores, cache sizes, clock speeds etc. Existing multi-cores are taken as a starting point for the controller architecture. The actual implementation of e. g. the cache and memory system will be optimised to the specific needs as well as the extension by hardware accelerators for dedicated tasks. Virtualisation technology will be employed to abstract the applications including potential legacy operating systems from the hardware architecture. This provides the means to separate real-time from non-real-time and secure from open domains. To account for the embedded nature of mobile devices and its limitations in performance and power consumption the virtualisation functionalities are supported by hardware where appropriate. The awareness for the existence of multi-cores must also arise at the programmer's level. This is taken care of by a modeldriven code generation technology based on SDL for typical communications protocol tasks and UML for the application development and modelling
    Link: http://www.emuco.eu/

National R&D Grants

  1. Marcu Marius (Director), Popa Mircea, Fuicu Sebastian, Tudor Dacian, Stratulat Bogdan, Stratulat Iulia,Open Execution Framework for Low Consumption Battery Powered Mobile Devices,680/19.01.2009,2009-2011,~100000 EUR,CNCSIS PNCDI_II IDEI
  2. Marcu Marius (Director), Popa Mircea, Fuicu Sebastian,Metode de reducerii a temperaturii si puterii in sistemele incorporate mobile,2738/19.05.2006,2006,~5000EUR,CNCSIS R&D Greant Type AT
  3. Popa Mircea, Stratulat Mircea, Marcu Marius, Fuicu Sebastian, Moica Călin, Stratulat Anca,Proiectarea şi realizarea unei reţele de sisteme īncapsulate mobile, pentru comunicarea de mesaje, fără fir, īntr-un spatiu delimitat,388/05.2007,2007,~5000EUR,CNCSIS Research Grant Type A
  4. Cretu, Vladimir Ioan (UPT Partner project manager); Horia, Ciocarlie; Micea, Mihai Victor, Marius, Marcu; Tudor, Dacian; et al.,Mediogrid: Parallel and Distributed Processing of Geographical and Environmental Data over Grid Structures,19-CEEX-I03-128/07.10.2005,2005-2008,~84500EUR,UEFISCSU, R&D Grant of Excellence
  5. Cretu, Vladimir Ioan (Director); Micea, Mihai Victor (Research theme manager); Stratulat, Mircea; Popa, Mircea; Holotescu, Carmen; Marcu, Marius; Todinca, Doru; Stanescu, Daniela; Chiciudean, Dan; Cioarga, Razvan Dorel; Ciubotaru, Bogdan; Tomescu, Victor; Zilahi, Mihai; Faniciu, Liviu; Patcas, Lucian; Fagadar, Mihai; Hentiu, Ioan; Bocan, Valer; Husz, Zsolt,OPEN-HARTS: Modeling, Design and Development of Real-Time Systems for Critical Applications of Digtal Signal Acquisition and Processing, and Embedded Control,27688/14.03.2005 A1/GR181/19.05.2006 GR76/23.05.2007 ,2005-2007,~19700EUR,CNCSIS R&D Grant, type A

National R&D Projects

  1. Fuicu Sebastian, Marcu Marius,Dezvoltare si mentenanţa plugins pentru aplicatia de monitorizare a protocoalelor IP din sistemul GSM B11,138 / 23.12.2009,2009,~4500EUR,Alcatel-Lucent
  2. Marcu Marius (Director), Fuicu Sebastian,Dezvoltare si mentenanta plugins pentru aplicatia de monitorizare a protocoalelor IP din sistemul GSM B11,139/01.10.2008,2008,~3000EUR,Alcatel-Lucent
  3. Babii Sorin, Marcu Marius, Fuicu Sebastian,Dezvoltarea si mentenanta uneltelor de monitorizare a protocoalelor IP din sistemul GSM B10,704/01.02.2007, 2007,~3500EUR,Alcatel
  4. Fuicu Sebastian, Marcu Marius, Babii Sorin,Set de plugin-uri Ethereal pentru monitorizarea protocoalelor IP ale sistemului GSM B10,504/03.04.2006,2006,
  5. Marcu Marius (Director), Fuicu Sebastian, Babii Sorin,Aplicatie software de monitorizare a comunicatiei IP in sistemul GSM B10,505/05.01.2006,2006~4500EUR,Alcatel