A Tool for the Development of Software Analysis Tools

A tool for TEmplate-based Design of digital circuits

This prototypical Eclipse plug-in helps an analyst to identify potential security vulnerabilities in a Java web application via model checking. The tool takes as input the Java code of the investigated application (currently, based on the JSP/Servlet technology) and builds a behavioral automaton for it. Next, the automaton is translated into an ASLAN++ model that can be checked against specified goals using a model checker (e.g. SATMC).

This prototypical tool is an inter-procedural summarization framework. Starting from a Java application code, the tool captures the behavior of the system in the form of a behavioral automaton. Due to its structure, an analyst can abstract the investigated code in various ways (e.g. a particular method can be manipulated as an uninterpreted function).

Patrools - Polimorphism Analysis Tool for Reengineer OO Legacy Systems
An Eclipse plugin implementing reengineering analyses involving polymorphic behavior in Java systems.

The tool is the Java version of the Mondrian Information Visualization Framework.

Mc'C - Model capture for C++
The tool is a reverse engineering tool which extracts detailed design information from C++ source code. The tool repo can be reached at

MEMORIA Extension for Method Body Representation, Analysis and INspection
A dataflow analysis framework.

DsTm - Detection Strategy Tuning Machine
A prototype tool which can be used to find the proper threshold values of a detection strategy.

Prodeoos - PROblem DEtector for Object-Oriented Systems
This is one of the first tools built in LOOSE Research Group to detect design flaws in object oriented systems.