GEMSCLAIM - GreenEr Mobile Systems by Cross LAyer Integrated energy Management

Goal of the project

The GEMSCLAIM project aims at introducing novel approaches for reducing the "greed for energy" of modern battery powered systems, thereby improving the user experience and enabling new opportunities for mobile computing

Project implemented by: Research Center in Computer and Information Technologies

Mobile Computing, Sensors Network and Embedded Systems Research Laboratory


Implementation period: 01.09.2012-31.08.2015


Financed by: CHIST-ERA partnership projects, UEFISCDI, PNII-IDEI, 1/CHIST-ERA/01.10.2012

Research team:

  • Assoc. Prof. Marius Marcu (PI);
  • Dr. Oana Boncalo;
  • Dr. Sebastian Fuicu
  • Dr. Alexandru Amaricai
  • Dr. Cosmin Cernazanu
  • Dr. Razvan Bogdan
  • Ing. Lucian Bara
  • Ing. Madalin Ghenea
  • Ing. Marian Ionascu

Contact information: Marius MARCU, 2 V. Parvan Blv., Timisoara,
marius.marcu at cs.upt.ro

Project site: www.gemsclaim.eu