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Registration to ACM-ICPC Romania Subcontest is now open




Awards for the top teams from UPT

  • UPT 6 - Lascu Diana-Sabina, Cristian Alexandru, Avramescu Andrei
  • UPT 4 - Heidelbacher Andrei, Okros Alexandru, Vanca Gabriel

All the teams from UPT accomplished the minimum criterion (solving at least one problem) in order to qualify for the next phase (i.e., ICPC Romania Subcontest).

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, Subregion Timisoara, 2012

The ACM-ICPC is an international programming contest in which the contestants are grouped in teams. A team has 3 members and the team has a single computer to solve all the problems. Usually, the contest duration is of 5 hours.

The regional contest is the first selection phase. The top teams will participate at the ACM-ICPC Romanian Programing Contest (online contest). The top teams from the national phase will participate at the ACM South-Eastern European Regional Contest in Bucharest.

For the teams representing "Politehnica" University of Timisoara, the participation condition is: the sum of the points obtained by the members of a team must have the minimum value of 3. Students that did not participate in the first phase can also participate, but they must be part of a team obeying the previous rule. In exceptional situations, other teams may be accepted (each case will be analyzed by the organizers).

  • Registration for UPT teams: Fill the registration form available here
  • Registration deadline: Thursday, 24th of May, 2012, 14:00
  • Team's name will be automatically allocated and it will have the form UPTx
  • Date: Saturday, 26th of May, 2012, 10.00
  • Location: Labs of the Computer Department
  • The results are available here
  • The tests of the problems are available here