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Registration to ACM-ICPC Romania Subcontest is now open




Contest Description

The ACM ICPC is an international programming contest in which the contestants are grouped in teams. A team has 3 members and the team has a single computer to solve all the problems. Usually, the contest duration is of 5 hours. ACM ICPC Timisoara Subcontest (TCPC) is the first selection phase.

We try to restart the ACM contest series (at local level first) even it is not clear that it would be possible to go through all the other phases (national and international) this year. However, we need to start somehow in the hope to turn back to normality.


The ranking is available here. All teams that solved at least 4 problems are qualified for the next round. The teams qualified to the next round (RCPC) are:

Insight - Băbălău Alexandru, Cazacu Robert, Rochian Vlad
CodeSpartans - Bociat Daniel-Tiberiu, Dragomirescu Liviu, Lupulescu Vlad
Helix - Fulga Fabian-Marian, Toporan Victor-Alexandru, Velciov Ana-Diana, (Coach: Bozdog Alexandru)
Lorem Ipsum - Burcă Grigore, Pârvulescu Mihai-Alexandru, Șeitan Radu-Cătălin
ShiftPeBiti - Jurca Raul, Jurj Alin Bogdan, Lazea Ioana Bianca (Coach: Horia Ciocârlie)
University adviser: Petru-Florin Mihancea

20.03.2021, 9:00-14:00


UPT Team Registration - Strict deadline: 17.03.2021, 9:00 AM

Due to the difficulties of this year, UPT will limit the number of teams to 8-10 teams. As a result, the team selection will be made based on previous results at the ACM-ICPC contests, ONIS contests and other major programming contests.

To register your team, complete this form. You can check your registration here.