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Registration to ACM-ICPC Romania Subcontest is now open




ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, Subregion Timisoara, 2015


  • The ranking is available here.
  • For UPT teams: all the teams that solved >=4 problems are qualified to the next round (next weekend).
  • Problems are available here.
  • The tests are available here.

Saturday, 16th of May, 2015, 10:00.

Politehnica University of Timisoara. Teams meeting: Electro-B building, 5th floor, 9:45.

Registration deadline
Wednesday, 13th of May, 2015, 14.00.

Registration for UPT teams
Fill the registration form available HERE. After around 10 minutes, you can check your registration HERE. Please provide correct data since it is used for your registration in the ICPC-ACM system (e.g., automatic emails will be sent in order to validate and to provide additional information for your registration!!!). You will be asked to complete your registration after your team is added to the contest.


14.05.2015 - Since you are not accommodated with such strict rules, we added to the evaluation system the -w option for C/C++. Thus, warnings will not be considered compilation errors. We strongly suggest not to use this option while preparing your program. We also decided to use the C11/C++11 standards. In the case of Java, fix your program until no compile warnings are displayed.

05.2015 - The evaluation system will be Mooshak.

The programming environment that will be used during the contest is described at this LINK (reference date February 20, 2015). The single additional tool that will be allowed to be installed is CodeBlocks. Any other modification is strictly forbidden. HERE you can find a disk image that contains the entire programming environment with all the allowed tools (and with all the required versions). The reference image for this contest is named ubuntu-14.04.1-icpc2015-amd64.iso. The disk can be also used as a live CD. For contest, each team must bring with it an empty USB stick (we will check that)! It will be needed to backup your problems since we will use live CDs for our contest.

Contest Description
The ACM-ICPC is an international programming contest in which the contestants are grouped in teams. A team has 3 members and the team has a single computer to solve all the problems. Usually, the contest duration is of 5 hours.

The subregional contest is the first selection phase. The top teams will participate at the ACM-ICPC Romanian Programing Contest (online contest). The top teams from the national phase will participate at the ACM South-Eastern European Regional Contest in Bucharest.