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Registration to ACM-ICPC Romania Subcontest is now open




Preliminary Results

For the moment, the UPT teams qualified for the next round are: Raindrops, Irrelevant, MPG, and NumeAnume (minimum of 3 problems). The final results will be announced when the novel format of the national competition is fully established (see here). Only additional stronger constraints may be applied. The complete ranking of the local competition is available here.

Contest Description
The ACM-ICPC is an international programming contest in which the contestants are grouped in teams. A team has 3 members and the team has a single computer to solve all the problems. Usually, the contest duration is of 5 hours.

ACM-ICPC Timisoara Sub-Region Contest is the first selection phase. The top teams will participate at the ACM-ICPC Romania Programming Sub-Contest (online participation). The top teams from the national phase will participate at the ACM South-Eastern European Regional Contest in Bucharest.

Saturday, 12th of May, 2018, 10:00, West University Of Timisoara

NEWS: The programming environment that will be used during the contest is described here.

Saturday, 5th of May, 2018, 10.00
BREAKING NEWS: UVT has just announced us (today, 23.04, 14:10) that 5th of May is going to be a working day in UVT (because of the extra-free day given by the Government). Due to the obvious schedule conflict of the labs, they will probably have to postpone the contest. We will keep you informed. The UPT team registration continues under the same schedule.

Contestant meeting
9:30, at the main entry of West University of Timisoara (Alex Iovanivici)

Registration deadline
1st of May, 2018, 22.00 (But the number of teams is limited - see below)

Registration for UPT teams
Fill the registration form available HERE. After around 10 minutes, you can check your registration HERE. Please provide correct data since it is used for your registration in the ICPC-ACM system (e.g., automatic emails will be sent in order to validate and to provide additional information for your registration). You will be asked to complete your registration after your team is added to the contest.

Next, create an account on the contest site ( having the team name UPT_YourTeamName.


  1. The number of UPT teams is limited to 20 due to contest site resource limitations! Thus, please register ONLY if you really intend to participate. The UPT organizers reserve the right to try to add supplementary places for late teams that the organizers consider having very good results in previous contest participations (but this cannot be guaranteed).
  2. If a team member does not want/cannot participate to the following phases of the ACM contest (i.e., after the local phase), you must immediately announce the UPT local organizers. Only the local organizers will decide how to replace that member.